For those of you that follow me so far you will be very familiar with MSE. After all it was the wonderful ladies over on the shabby chic forum there that inspired me to rediscover my love of interior design but mostly revamping old pieces. It has been many years since I have done this and now I have several pieces lined up at various stages of their facelifts.

Well, some of you may also have heard of the phenomenon that is Memory Girls Make Do and Mend thread. This has been another inspirational thread that I tripped upon and it awoke my interest in writing. Memory Girl led the way and many others joined and followed. It is a a thread full of tears, laughter, challenges and support.

Today saw some very interesting developments over there and Memory Girl is now being challenged by a very, very, very famous American motivational speaker. The mystery remains as to who this is. Today he set her first challenge to set up a blog and send him the link within 2 hours!!!!!!!! As always she rose to this challenge, met it and exceeded it. In just 3 hours she has 32 followers. HA and I have taken several months to gather a band of just 7 but you are all lovely. So I have added her blog to my favourites. If any of you want to see how this develops then head on over and sign up. I suspect that we are all going to have a great time with this and we will all be challenged to get up and do something with our lives.