Having already been berry picking several times this season I thought that I had more than enough of them. This morning though, whilst out wandering across the hill in search of the Hill Fort that is still eluding me, I just so happened to have some containers in my back pack so how could I not take advantage of the laden bushes? Well a girl should always be prepared for any circumstance. Not only did I arrive home with two tubs of berries but I also came home with some very lovely mushrooms. I really need to buy a book on mushrooms rather than picking them then coming home and trying to identify them via the internet.
I still havent found the hill fort that I know is there. This may be partly due to the fact that I always manage to distract myself from my original intentions and before I know it time has rushed by and I have to return home.
The weather this morning was lovely, I woke to the sun shining, blue skies and fluffy white clouds. When I arrived home I pegged out my lovely fresh white towels and, wouldnt you just know it, within 10 minutes the heavens opened and I had to rush out and bring all the towels back in again.
Now, what to do with the latest haul of berries I wonder. I think that a nice blackberry vodka may be the way to go. Having already made several jars of jam and a couple of pies I think it might be nice to try something a little different.
Let me leave you with a view of the valley from the hilltop