I woke up this morning to the most beautiful sunshine streaming through the window. So lovely in fact that I just had to break out of my routine and instead of taking Moo to the forest we pottered off to the beach to do a little beach combing. This is one of my most favourite things to do (after my new found love of foraging but thats for another day)
We walked for several miles, through the sand dunes and down onto the main part of the beach where
the sands  seemed to be shifting constantly. They glimmered and shimmered in the early morning light. Amazing

 Max did his normal running around like a mad dog, chasing pebbles, chasing the sand blowing in the wind and finding his own bits of driftwood to torment me with

The shadows on the beach were rather comical too and you can just about see Moo’s tongue as he waits patiently for the bottle of water to appear from the coat pocket.

I went to the beach as a bit of an energiser to set me up for the day and it certainly put me in a good place for a morning of meetings.

Then this evening the rains appeared and so I have settled in for a nice evening of me time catching up with my reading list on blog land and finding lots of new things to inspire me.