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Oh how exciting I have my first follower (well I cant count my human friend now can I?) Welcome Alison. I hope that you like my blog. My human says she follows yours and is very interested in all that you have to say.

Now it is not often that I allow my humans to go away without me but this is what happened recently. In all of my six years I have never let them out on their own for longer than a few days, who knows what they  might get up to without me to look after them.  After all, what is the point in acquiring  these two legged companions if you dont spend all of your spare time with them? For those of you who are new to the Dane breed I should explain that we Great Danes are very sociable beings and we particularly love to be around humans. They are so much fun and quite interesting creatures with lots of ways to keep us entertained. I particularly like to steal a cuddle on the sofa and I also like to get in the middle of any cuddles that might be being shared by my human friends. I really dont understand what they mean when they keep telling me I am not a lapdog. My old friend Benson used to often sit on My lady human’s knee so what is wrong with me backing up and parking my bum on her knee?

Anway I digress. I was going to tell you all about my recent holiday with my new chums Finn and Kai. They are also Great Danes and you can read all about them on their own page on Facebook here Great Dane info. I took my humans along for a lovely day out at Loggerheads Park where we met them for the first time at a twoofup which is a regular dog walking meet up organised by Pawsforthoughts if you want to know more about twoofups and what they are then you need to check out their website. They are lovely people and were the ones who introduced me to Finn and Kai and helped to organise my holidays.

This is Kai he is only two so I had to look after him.

And this is Finn and Kai at the end of the Twoofup.

I had a really lovely time with them all. Their human friends were very nice to me and they let me sleep at the top of the stairs (my favourite place to chill out)

That’s Finn and Kai waiting for me to come and play

We had great fun when I joined them. 

This is Molly, she came to visit. That is me and Finn in the background play fighting to show off
And this is me trying to work out how to sneak Molly away from the whippersnappers

I wanted to say a big thank you to my new friends and their humans for letting me stay in their lovely home whilst my humans had a holiday in some far off land called Germany. They thought it would be fun to go off and have some snow for Christmas. I dont have the heart to tell them that it snowed here too. 
photos courtesy of Great Dane info on facebook and Dogtoypetshop also on facebook. 
I am sooooo tired now I think it is time for my bed 
night everybody, see you soon.