You know when I take my owner for a walk I feel like a celebrity. I cannot get very far along the prom in Aberystwyth without somebody stopping and asking my owner lots of questions, although I have to admit to not being too fussed about people slapping me on the back or head even if they do mean well and think that they are just petting me. I mean, how would they like it if I just walked straight at them and started waving my paws all around in front of them.

Anyway, this made me think that perhaps people like me. Well I cant blame them really. But why is it that they like me so much, I dont see them stopping the jack russel human friends every few minutes. Then I realised, it is because I am so beautiful, yes I know it too. So I thought that I might share a few secrets about sharing my life with the humans and answer those forever asked questions.

  • Do you live in a big house?  – No we dont live in a big house with a big garden. In fact I live in a 3 bedroomed semi with a tiny garden but I have a brother who lives in a flat. Great Danes dont need a lot of space. When I am at home I just flop, after all the fun I have had outdoors I like nothing more than to relax and chill out on my bed. 
  • Who is walking who – Is that not obvious – of course I take my human for a walk 
  • I bet he takes a lot of exercising – No I dont need hours and hours of exercise although I do need enough to make me happy. So how much is enough? Well I would say that at least 2 20 -30 minute walks would be enough, although I do like to have a run and chase sticks I tend to forget that I am not a greyhound and I run too much. I have been known to collapse in heap after 10 minutes when I forget to stop running for a rest. The only thing I ask is that I share my exercise time with my very lovely human companions and that they provide lots of sticks or other objects for me to chase.

  • I bet he needs a lot of feeding  –  So how much do I eat, well I can be a bit lazy when it comes to eating. My human used to worry about me but now she is used to me. I eat two meals a day and my favourite is Wagg complete food. It costs £10 for 15kilo and I usually go through a 15 kilo bag every two weeks. I do also enjoy a sausage from time to time as a treat and some cheese as an extra special treat. I do have some chums who eat something called a barf diet although I am not keen on that. 
By the way in answer to the comment that I hear EVERY time I go out  NO I bloody well dont need a saddle!!!!! And no I am not a donkey. How insulting.