There is only one thing that I like less than the westies and yorkies that chase me and snap my ankles in the forest every morning and that is …………..Rain. Wet, horrid drizzly rain, big fat  raindrops, foggy rain, grey rain, misty rain, sunny rain, ANY KIND OF RAIN!!!  Although Rainbows are quite nice.

Rain is one of those things that just changes the whole world from being a lovely doggy place  to being a miserable horrid muddy mess.

Now I know what you are thinking. Dogs should like the rain they are dogs, they like to roll in the mud. No not me. I am just a little bit too delicate for all of that stuff.

Take  yesterday for instance,  my human opened the front door and no matter how hard she tried to coax me out onto the path I was having none of it. The rain was bouncing off the ground and humans were walking along with umbrellas turning inside out with the rain blowing down the valley so why on earth would any dog in his right mind want to go out in that? She tried giving me shapes biscuits, well they were very nice but I still wasn’t going, she pulled, she pushed and then she finally got the message and closed the door.  I kept my beady eyes on the kitchen window and as soon as it stopped I barked to tell her that we could go now.  No sooner had we reached the end of the road than it started again. So I turned and ran back for home.

 I am not really sure what she was doing at the kitchen table last night but there was a very strange machine on it and it was making lots of whirring noises. There was some blue material flying all over the place not to mention the naughty words every now and again. And then from nowhere she conjured up a raincoat. My long lost raincoat from when I lived in the noisy, smelly town in the North of England. I loved that raincoat. It was the best thing ever as it meant that I could have my nice walks without that wet stuff getting all over my nice shiny coat.

And so this morning I was up with the birds barking to go for my daily walk to the park. I would highly recommend one of these dapper coats. I also have a “Motty Coat” as my Man Human calls it but I dont really know who Motty is.

And in true Gok style I give you me looking at my (nearly) best. Now I have got some photos in the blue coat but it was so dark and grey they dont show me at my best so I wont put those on for now.

this is me in my “Motty coat. 

I think I look quite dapper 

Does my bum look big in this?