Sunday has always been my favourite day of the week. Ever since I was young Sunday has held lots of hope and excitement for me. As a kid I used to take myself off on adventures and explore the town where I lived. Sometimes on my own and sometimes with friends. I know that a lot of my friends and family dont like Sundays, they spend the day gearing up for the week ahead. I like to see it as my day for me and to be able to relax. Reflect on the week gone by and make plans for the future. I sometimes feel sorry that other people spend the day feeling down because they are thinking about Monday. For me life is about living in the moment. Tomorrow might never come so kick back and relax is my motto.

Nowadays I start my Sunday with a walk to the forest with Max then back home for a lovely cooked brunch. Once I have eaten I bring my pot of coffee into the lounge and curl up in my favourite fire side chair (an old parker knoll that I am intending to refurbish but more of that in the future) next to the radio. I have a very old radio which belonged to my Grandad and I like to listen to it because it reminds me of lovely Sundays sitting with him in the parlour listening to Desert Island discs.Apart from that it has the most lovely sound to it.  I still listen to Desert Island Discs on it  every Sunday, even now, although I am unlucky not to have my Grandad with me anymore I still feel his spirit when I use his radio.  A conversation that I had with the lovely Fay of The Wind and the Wellies earlier in the day also made me realise that music has always been important in my life. I never really thought about this before but music is like a potted history to me. When I hear certain songs or pieces of music it transports me to a memory. Sometimes those memories are long forgotten and a song can trigger it.

Anyway, this morning I was listening to Desert Island Discs with this thought in mind and I started to wonder what 8 discs I would take with me. So I got my thinking cap on and here  are the 8 I would choose today. Although I am sure that these will change from time to time.

1. Hey Jude  – The Beatles.  This is the first song that I remember singing along to. When I hear it I have a vague memory of standing in line outside my primary school waiting to go into class and a few of us singing the lyrics to the this song so loudly that Mrs Higgins (hssss) came out and told us all off and said that we should be singing hymns not awful pop songs.

2.  Danny Kaye –    The Ugly Duckling.  This makes me smile and reminds me of watching old films on a Saturday afternoon. I just loved Danny Kaye. And I always felt like the ugly duckling. So on days when I was bullied in school then I would come home, get out my Danny Kaye Album (stolen off my Grandad but sshhhhh dont tell) and dance to this in my bedroom. 

3.  Well this just has to be The Royal Marines band Beating the Retreat. This brings back lots of memories for me. All of my Uncles were in the forces and my Dad was a Royal Marine. He was the oldest man to gain a green beret don’t you know. My Grandad loved brass bands and this was one of his favourites. It was another Sunday morning session in the parlour. I would stand on his feet and we would march around the room like a real soldier. 

4. Time to move on to my teen years I think and that was a bit mixed. You see I used to dance, I loved classical ballet and I dreamed one day of being a principal ballerina. It was never to be. I succumbed to bullies and left my dance school and never went back. Still if it was meant to be I wouldnt have given up so easily. Anyway, this is a piece I danced to. Not I add quickly as the principal ballerina. Perhaps I was the ugly duckling. 

5. Fantastic Day – Haircut 100. Just because it was my first wander into real pop music – after years of listening to classical music. And because it just makes me smile. Oh and because my soulmate is the doppleganger for Nick Heyward which helped me to notice him at the age of 15. I have played this tune on my way to every interview that the outcome matters to me. It puts me in an upbeat mood and I usually wander into the interview with such a happy feeling. I have to say that I have never failed an interview after listening to this. It could be coincidence but I dont think so. 

6.  Who wants to live forever – Queen. Just because I love the music, the lyrics and Freddie Mercury was genius. I have a habit of playing it full blast on the car stereo whenever I visit the Highlands of Scotland, I know sad but what the  heck. It sends shivers up my spine whenever I hear it. 

7. Lark Ascending – Ralph Vaughan Williams – I get lost in this music. All is at peace with the world when I listen to this. I dont really have memories attached to this and I guess that is because I just stop and listen to the music. 

8. Bright Eyes  – I always have bright eyes when I listen to this piece of music. It brings both happy and sad memories for me. It was my Nana’s favourite piece of music. Her and my Grandad used to work in Butlins during the summer and we used to go to visit them. One year for their 40th wedding anniversary we arranged for a dedication to be played for them over the tannoy and this was the piece of music we requested. They both stopped and listened and I remember them holding hands and kissing at the end of it and thinking YUK! as a teenager that is not what you think your grandparents should be doing. Now, of course I see it as a very romantic moment. It was also the piece of music we played at both of their funerals. Whenever I feel that I need to make a big decision in life and I am pondering that decision this piece of music seems to pop up out of nowhere. Strange, but it helps me to feel connected and remember some very happy times. 
Now I am really not sure of all of those which I would choose as the one disc to take with me. It is very difficult choice between Fantastic Day and Lark Ascending. Let’s just hope that I never have to make that decision then. 
So I wonder what other people would choose.