Evening all. Hope that you are all having a good day. I was having a lovely day when I hear my human giggling away in the corner so I moosied on over to see what was cheering her up so much. After all it is my job to bring the smile to her face not something she reads on the ‘puter thing. Well imagine my horror and disdain when I saw the following lighting up the screen. I am led to believe that this was sent by a particular friend who is hoping to adopt one of my rather elegant breed so I shouldn’t be too upset. After all, if this is what they think and they still want to share their lives with us then I guess that I should up the anti and increase the some of the more eek type activities. Well  if just reading about them makes her smile then imagine how happy she is when I do them.

We have Cockers and Shih-Tzus, Chihuahuas, and Poodles,Golden Retrievers and Labradoodles.
They’re all just fine, you won’t hear us complain
They just don’t compare to the Mighty Great Dane.
My loyal companion, you stand so tall 
Come down off my shoulders before we both fall.
Your water bowl’s the size of a childrens pool 
There aren’t enough towels to mop up the drool.
If you sit next to him, he’ll just start pushin’ 
Hogging every inch of the sofa cushion.
If his belly starts rumbling, clear out the room, 
The resulting odor could just be your doom.
Expensive to feed? You bet they are 
More costly than putting gas in your car.
You must have a yard thats nice and roomy, 
For a flower bed’s ruined when they get the zoomies.

They’ll get in your face and let go a burp, 
Well versed in the art of how to “counter surf”. 
Those four big paws can hold lots of mud, 
I hope you’re not partial to a nice clean rug.
When out on a walk, people will prattle, 
You just smile and reply…nope…no saddle.
They look so peaceful as they lie on the floor,
Keeping you awake with their thunderous snore.
Just one look in those soulful eyes, 
It really will come as no surprise…
They fill our hearts and homes with love, 
Surely they are sent from heaven above.
How can you not fall for these GENTLE GIANTS? 
It really doesn’t require a degree in Rocket Science.
If you don’t understand, I just can’t explain 
How nothing compares to the Mighty Great Dane!
Some of its total rubbish but some of it is very apt

I have been asked to point out that this was shared and there was no authors name so hopefully I havent broken any rules by sharing it but I am only a dane dont you know.