Life has been very hectic here in Mid Wales with lots of traveling related to my job and a rather exciting personal project that I am currently working on, more of that later.  Today is the first time I have been able to sit down for more than five minutes without just falling asleep as soon as I touch the sofa.
I need to  send a very big apology to Gisela of Miss Magpies Musings with whom I had the good fortune to be partnered with for the spread the bloggy love swap over at sew special bears. Thanks to Jackie who partnered us up. My apology is for the long time it has taken me to post my thanks for the beautiful gifts that I received from her in the blog swap. We exchanged some emails prior to the swap and I have to say what a really lovely person she is. It was a relief to discover that this was also her first bloggy swap and she felt as nervous as me about it all. Unfortunately after I had signed up to the swap things in my world became a bit hectic and I have hardly touched base. This meant that the craft object that I had planned to send never materialised so hopefully when I find the time to finish it off it will make its way over to her.

I was very excited when all of these beautiful parcels tumbled from the brown parcel delivered by the postman. Wrapped in lovely crepe paper and with bows ribbons and even better really pretty hair clips which I have already modeled during one of my works presentations and received lots of lovely compliments for them.

Now how could Gisela have known that I was looking for just that right accessory to go with a new red dress for a wedding that I am attending?

Not only that but I also go these beautiful handmade earrings that I can also add to the outfit for the day 
It would appear that Gisela is a very talented person because I received this lovely handmade heart, which was extra special because it has a lovely doggy on it. Those of you that know me will know that I share my life with a rather large dog who often posts on his own blog and so I thought that this was especially thoughtful. It now takes pride of place on Moos cupboard handle.  Gisela has her own folksy shop and you can have a look to see similar things over there 

The shower cream is so lovely and fresh I feel very exotic when using it.  I did also receive some lovely chocolates. I do think, however, that the wrapping for them must have been designed by a bloke because they are so fiddly to get into that by the time I had opened one I didnt have the energy to open any more. Still it did mean that I couldn’t binge eat them in one sitting.
And to finish off here is a picture of all of the lovely gifts together. Thank you Gisela and I love reading your musings too by the way. What a glamorous lady you are.