Recently I have had a few holidays in different places. I recall telling you all about my adventures in North Wales with Finn and Kai at Christmas.

More recently I went to visit my very good friend and adopted human grandma Barbara and I was lucky enough to be able to command all of her attention for a full weekend. We had great fun together and I think that she really liked all of the antics that I got up to. Of course these were all planned in an effort to cheer her up as she has been a little befuddled of late with a few human happenings.

I overheard her telling my humans that she needed a new sofa but I really dont agree, I found it much more comfortable than the chairs. I really dont understand what all of the fuss is about when I decide to sit up there, after all, I am really no heavier than some of the humans that perch their behinds on the comfy spots

Let’s try out this chair

Hmm, maybe a bit too small 

Ok, what if I try this way?


That’s more like it!