I received some very nice comments when I changed the picture in my title to that of a very large mirror heart. I love hearts, everything about them makes me smile. This particular heart is one that I discovered whilst wandering around a little village in the Austrian Alps. Would you believe that I found it on Valentines Day? Unfortunately the shop was closed and so I had to satisfy myself with taking a photo rather than buying it to bring home, much to the relief of David. The last time I found a lovely object on one of our trips it was a ceramic chicken in Bruge. It ended up costing more to bring it home on Ryanair than both of our return tickets added together, his name is George and I may just blog about him and his family later. But I digress. Hearts and Austrian Alps was the subject of this blog. The shop, I discovered later, is owned by an artist whose whole range is inspired by hearts. There were lots of really nice ideas hanging in the window that has given me some inspiration for some of my own little projects. Lots to think about there. 
Outside the shop I met the owners cat. 

He was very friendly and interested in all I had to say to him. But the most interesting thing was where he had chosen to sit.

how fabulous is this sculpture? And what a lovely place to while away a few hours in the drizzle. 

I left him to cheer up a few other customers