Now I am a shabby kinda girl at heart but I have recently been preparing my flat for sale and so, given that it is a very modern flat, I decided to market it in a metrosexual kinda style. Please excuse the picutres I have nabbed them from Rightmove.

It was not easy for me to keep it so minimal I have to admit. It is a beautiful flat and only 10 minutes walk to the sea shore and less than that to the shops. Still onwards and upwards as they say.

 I love Laura Ashley and so I am hoping to persuade my significant other that we really need this wallpaper in the  guest bedroom of our future pied a terre.  It is called Marissa and I have been hankering after it ever since I saw it in Bibbitybobs flat. As there is a 50% sale on at the moment I might just say Pretty Please and bat my eyelids more than normal.

I have a feeling that I am fighting a losing battle though. However as it is the spare room I thought that I might get away with it. Especially as I used this pattern to refurbish my bargain ebay find. It cost me £2.19 

Nearly finished

It isn’t quite finished, I just need to add the tassle and a bit of binding around the top. Shameful because as you can see from the photo I have been in the middle of this since last September.