Well my followers are creeping up slowly……… welcome Marru hope that you enjoy my little world.

I love Sundays, always have, always will. For me Sunday is all about relaxing, chilling out and just enjoy being. I have friends who hate Sundays, it is a day that they feel is all about preparing to return to work the following day. I say chill out and learn to enjoy life and every day for what it is.

Sundays for me are all about High teas and Holidays. Memories of baking with my Mum and my Nan on a Sunday morning are some of my happiest. I still love to bake on a Sunday morning.

This is my bowl of mix for homemade crumpets. I use the Gary Rhodes recipe and this is what I will be having as part of my Afternoon Tea.

There is some confusion over High Tea and Afternoon Tea. As my Nana used to work in service she explained the difference to me when I was an inquisitive 10 year old and asked why we were having High tea.  Afternoon Tea and High Tea are very different traditions . Afternoon tea is usually served mid afternoon between 3pm and 5pm and typically made up of sandwiches, cakes, scones and of course the obligatory pot of tea and would  be taken whilst sitting  on a comfy seat with a side table (nowadays a coffee table perhaps) used to place the teapots and tiered cakes stands.

In comparison to High Tea which is served later in the afternoon and would have additional items such as cold meats, pickles and fish as well as cakes, scones, trifles and the like.

I do so love the idea of High Tea but these days I save that for the times when I have visitors and that way I keep it special and enjoy it all the  more. Apart from which, as a vegetarian it would be very difficult to do my Nana justice with a high tea. For today I will stick with afternoon tea.

My next project is to turn  a few plates that I have picked up from the charity shop into a tiered cake stand this has been on my to do list for some time now so I may blog about that later in an effort to gee me up a little.

For now I hope that you all enjoy Sunday afternoon as much as I do.