Hooray for Saturday!

After a very long week in work which entailed me criss crossing Wales in a hire car I was really looking forward to just relaxing today.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit Llandovery yesterday with work and this meant that I could visit a shop that I had been following on Facebook. It is called, would you believe Cwtch of Llandovery and can you guess why I might love it? For me the shop epitomises the word Cwtch  I didn’t take any photographs in the shop because I felt a little cheeky to do that. It was every bit as good as I expected. Unluckily for me I am on a frugal month so I had to leave the things I like on the shelves

I also came across this antique shop and I loved the display of baskets outside

Today was a long awaited easy Saturday and I was determined to relax. My very own Mr Cwtch looked after me well bringing me a lovely cup of tea in bed where I spent a lovely hour under the duvet with the laptop reading up on some of my favourite blogs. My own little cwtch corner right there.

This afternoon we indulged in a lovely cup of Earl Grey and some cake in my favourite coffee shop in my local town of Aberystwyth. Who needs Starbucks when you have a lovely little independant coffee shop with home made chocolate muffins

 It was a wet day but that didn’t stop me enjoying a stroll along the high street browsing in the windows. This is one of my favourite shops to look in. Not very politically correct these days as it is an old fashioned tobbaconist. Now whilst I do not smoke I find the paraphenalia around smoking fascinating, pipes, zippo lighters and novelty ashtrays can be very interesting but what caught my eye today was the old fashioned shaving apparatus.

After that we headed off to the Arts Centre where we  partook of a little retail therapy in the shop there. Again I am being a good girl so I left things on the shelf and satisfied myself with  photographs of some of my favourite things.

a little peek into hte shop 

who couldn’t like Cath Kidston mugs 

Handmade organic soaps

Alessi – beautiful 

Then into the gallery to view the exhibition of the BP portrait awards. It was an excellent exhibition and I may post about that later.

Now for a lovely quiet night in with a chilled Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and a browse of my dvd shelves is in order I think.