I have long been intrigued by the moon, from hearing stories as a child about the man in the moon to sitting with my Nana and Grandad and watching the first moon landing at the age of five. That isn’t to forget all of those space inspired programmes of the 70s such as Space 1999. I dreamed of going to live on the moon.

One of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite movies is about the moon. Can you guess what that might be?

Ever since I saw this film as a very young girl I have dreamed of the moon, dreamed of a man that would lasso the moon for me. What a truly thoughtful and romantic sentiment to have.  Well a girl can  dream can’t she?

I was out walking this evening when I noticed how much brighter the village where I live seemed to be.
 The  street lights go out in the village every night and some parts of the village have no lights whatsoever so I am used to taking the evening stroll with a torch to hand. Tonight, however, the pavements were awash with a silvery light so the torch remained firmly in my pocket. The sky glowed as if somebody had taken the torch right out of my pocket and hung it in the sky before me.

photo image royalty free by green-witch photobucket

I often stop on my walk to just take a look up into the night sky and gaze at the moon and the stars. I could not tell you anything about how to work out which is the milky way or which star is sirius but I do know that I love looking at the stars. They make me feel so small and insignificant and so, on a day when the worlds problems seem to weigh on my shoulders, by looking at the stars I can put the whole world back into perspective

This weekend sees the “super moon” phenomenon as the moon reaches its closest point to the earth since 1992 and it is also a full moon. I intend to take a walk along the beach, if I can, to witness the moon in all of its glory. The beach is the best place to see the moon and the stars. Often when I walk along the beach I feel as if I can reach right up and pick the moon out of the sky, tomorrow should be an amazing sight if that be the case.  The inky blackness of the sea, waves crashing onto the shore and the sheer darkness of the hills and mountains that surround the beach means that I can take full advantage of all it’s beauty and wonderment.

Now I wonder if I can manage to get any good shots of the phenomonen with my camera. Must try hard this weekend.