“so” you may ask “what is a bucket list”. Well my friends let me tell you that this was new to me and I am so inspired that I feel the need to share.

Recently I was perusing one of the forums that I frequent when I came across a post entitled “A fond farewell”. I was intrigued and clicked the button to find the most poignant post I have come across in some time. It began “For the last 11 months I have been battling a bad illness so I’ve just been around in stealth” I was drawn in…… only to be blown away by the final sentence “So I’m off to fit in what I can from my bucket list”  When I wiped away the tears I headed over to Chris Hydes facebook page to find out what a bucket list is and to follow his journey.

A bucket list is that list of dreams and wishes that we all have and when the time comes to kick the bucket we say we wish we had done xyz. Chris has now fulfilled some of his list including driving a Ferrari, visiting Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland and meeting his on line gaming friend there whom he had never met. The one that gets me is that he wanted to buy his wife a gold chain so that she can wear his wedding ring close to her heart when he is gone. He now has over 300 friends on FB and Martin Lewis mentioned him on Daybreak (another ticked off the list)

So I got to thinking, what would I like to do before I kick the bucket? Well one of my biggest dreams is to see Elephants in the wild. So that is to be the start of my list but I dont expect that I will fill that one for a while.

What would you have on your bucket list?