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Exciting things happened for me this week. I finally stepped through the gate and started treading the path to my new life. A life that I have been dreaming of for so long that I still cannot believe is now within touching distance.

On Monday I flew to Salzburg on a mission. The mission that I chose to accept was signing a contract for my very own Schloss………… well, it might not officially be a Schloss but hey its my Schloss.

The Austrians’ have a very different way of buying a house than we do here.  Whilst I am now classed as the legal owner of the house I still have to wait a few weeks before my name goes into the land registry to show that I am the official owner.  I have been lucky enough to find the house of my dreams but I was not yet ready to go to Austria and so I have been even luckier in finding that the couple that  I bought from are happy to stay there for a while until they find their own new home. I know they will really look after it for me. If you want to know more about Sue and her plans for the future then check out her very own blog here. Onwards and upwards for all of us.

Now I will share a picture of the house but I wont show the inside as that is still somebody else’s home to share but in the meantime if you want to hear more about my adventures in Austria then head over to my new blog An Austrian Adventure where I will be blogging about all things Austrian, from research for moving over to quick little jaunts and places to visit. And of course I will share with you my plans for furnishing as they grow in my imagination.

All that is left to say is Thank you to Susan, Peter and Georgia for entrusting me with  being the next caretaker of this beautiful home. I promise you I will love it as much as you have.

Now where is the schnapps.