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On a rather spectacularly sunny day not so long ago there was much excitement to be found in Aberystwyth. The local Arts Centre played host to the Antiques Roadshow and people from far and wide travelled to the town laden with boxes and baskets, books and paintings. As the show has been a fundamental part of my growing up (what Sunday would not have been complete without a high tea and an episode of Antiques Roadshow on the tv?) it would have been remiss of me not to pootle along to watch the show being filmed.  I have had a keen interest in antiques for most of my life – it is a passion that I have never had the courage or the funds to indulge in though so I tend to read books, watch tv programmes, potter around antiques fairs and drool through shop windows. Who knows, maybe one day I will be brave enough to invest in some nice pieces. I would certainly like to dress my new home in Austria with some decorative and tastefully objets d’art. First on my list of wishes would be opera glasses but my real interest lies in glass and porcelain.

Penny Brittain, one of my favourite experts you can read all about her and have a browse of her home in the BBC Antiques and Homes magazine here 

One of the greats. Henry Sandon. As lovely in person as he seems on the tv. He also presented a talk along with his son John the following evening at the National Library of Wales 

Fiona Bruce pleasant as always giving out autographs between takes. I do hope that she caught her train later in the day. I was rather concerned when I saw her sitting in a taxi in a traffic jam obviously heading to the station within minutes of the train due to leave. Not a problem in most places but as there is only one every two hours from Aberystwyth it could cause some rather difficult issues.

Lots of people had boxes marked fragile. This one caught my eye for some reason.

This painting was quite stunning and I am looking forward to hearing all about it on the show. I was too far away to hear the story behind it.

Just a few people turned up then!