A train journey to some is a chore, a thing that has to be endured, a means to an end. Not for me. For me a train journey can be  a time to take stock of my life, me time, a time to chill, time to plot and plan for the future. I often have to make a long train journey for work. I take along with me my CDs to listen to on my laptop, a dvd, a book and my journals. After all why not make the most of the time to lose myself in my own little world. 

Just occasionally I allow myself the time to be drawn into conversation with a complete stranger. These are the times that I cherish the most. Strangers bring so much richness  to your life if you can just take that time to allow them in, to really listen to what they have to say. 

Last night was one such occasion. After two very long days in the office being sociable was the last thing on my mind. And I lived up to this by plugging in my earphones as soon as I sat down. On changing trains at Shrewsbury I found myself a seat and endeavoured to make myself as invisible as possible behnind my book. A packed train and my sense of selfishness when a lovely couple had to sit seperately led me to offering to change seats with the husband. I find myself sitting next to the most charming man. 93 years young, pony tail, cowboy hat and the biggest twinkle in his eye. Oh dear I thought I am going to have to speak to him. 2 hours later and I really did not want to get off the train. Tales of German penpals, the war looming, joining the RAF and wondering if he was shooting down his penpal who had joined the German Air force at the same time, foreign service in Chile, giving it all up for  a teaching career in Physics, looking after a wife with Alzheimers and settling in Spain were but a few of the life experiences I was treated to. 

I don’t believe in Angels. I do believe that strangers come into my path when I most need to hear something. So what did I hear last night ……………… well I heard that life is for living, don’t be afraid to take that decision that is nagging away at the back of your mind, be brave and life will reward you in more ways than you could ever imagine. 

Thank you Elwyn. May your life be long and the sun continue to shine wherever you are. 

So when did you last take the time to really speak to and listen to a stranger. Go on I dare you to set yourself a goal to this and I promise you that it will make a difference to your day, if not your life. 
Go on do it and then come back and tell me all about how it went.