I love this beach where the Dyfi River flows into the Irish Sea> Ynsyslas is a nature reserve and a beauty  to behold. Go at low tide and you may be lucky enough to glimpse sight of the submerged ancient forest which appear to have died around 3500 BC . The forest remains hint at the legend of a lost land – the Lowland Hundred or Cantre’r Gwaelod in welsh. Read more about that here  I have been lucky enough to witness this, unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me. 
Springwatch recently filmed from this very beach and the nearby Ynyshir nature reserve (more about that in future blogs). 
I hope that you enjoy my little potter along the beach 
wild flowers

floaty clouds despite the rain and wind 
Kite Surfers having fun 
footsteps should always be recorded 

wind in the ears 

look closely and you will see an inscription 

knarled and knotted wood slowly being buried by the sand 

lovely patterns in the sand 

If only!