Today was the first day of my holiday and I was determined that I would relax. After all I live in a holiday destination so how can I not make the most of the lovely surroundings and take advantage of nature’s beauty. As always it nearly didn’t happen. I started the morning by checking out my emails and Linkedin account which invariably led to me doing some work of a personal nature. Albeit very important I really did not want to spend my day at home. So with that in mind I decided to surprise my lovely man and take him for a picnic lunch to the beach. Bag packed full of couscous salad, fruit and a flask of fresh coffee what could be better than taking the scenic route into town and heading via the hills towards one of my favourite views 

down the hill towards the beach

the view over lunch 
And so the tone was set for the rest of the day. After dropping David off at work I thought that  a little potter along the prom was in order stop off to have a read of my book on a bench near to the cafe, a little more coffee from the flask and what could be nicer than watching the donkeys trying to get some chips from the bikers 
A trip to the prom left me wanting more so this evening after my tea I took myself back there. Headphones and phone in my pocket ready to sit and listen to the proms. I am a bit sad to not make it there this year but what better way to listen to tonight’s prom Mahler’s 9th than by sitting on the beach  watching the sun creep slowly towards the horizon, the clouds tinged in lilac tones and the sky painted a deep navy stretching towards the distant mountains. It seemed to be a reluctant sunset this evening, not magnificent like some sunsets but a subtle descent towards the horizon, matching the mood and the music perfectly. The surf crashing against the sand only adding to the atmosphere. On an evening like this what is not to love about life?