I recently wrote about a lady who has inspired me of late but I didn’t really go into detail. So how does she inspire me? Well, since coming to know this lady I have recognized that I forgot to laugh, to dance, to be silly. So I have slowly built those things back into my life. A simple Sunday post inspired following a chat on line with her reminded me of my love of dance so now I dance, I rediscovered my love of  baking and cooking when I tried out some of her recipes. I still haven’t managed to get that garden sorted yet but I am inspired by her to put it onto my to do list and I know that I will get there. For me Fay sums up what my favourite quote (over there on the right) is all about. 

I wanted to share Fays response (with her permission) to my last post because I don’t believe it deserves to be hidden away in comments. I wanted to treat this as a guest post so in full unedited version here is her reply to me.
Go and visit Fay’s lovely blog Wind and the Wellies and you too will find some kind of inspiration I am sure.

Fay said.

Cheri – I wanted to think before I thanked you and not be my normal ‘glib’ self and posting something quickly when feeling overwhelmed by kindness. Cheery is right, I think of you both, in the same way, the passion, the livlieness the devotion care and the fun. In real life, girls like me don’t (I’ve been told) live on islands in a nice house with a nice garden like the one we’re renting. I’m convinced of the addage there but for the grace of god (or whomever) go I. And, actually you can do whatever you want with your life, it’s yours, ignore the cynics, eventually I learnt that one. I’ve been lucky and unlucky, like you say many times, making the best of whatever happens, I admire your positive attitude. I got to a crossroads in my life, where I found myself husband-less (very scary) and on my own with two children under 3 – absolutely terrifying. I’m not a natural parent, therefore I sat and thought, ‘what do I do know’……….. The advice I got from family and friends was mixed from ‘go back to your field (accounting)’ and retrain – meaning moving and living in a city. The alternative voices said, exactly as Jenni said, do what makes you happy, what are you passionate about. I’m passionate about my family and plants. It took 6 months sitting in a cottage in a woodland in Argyll, licking my wounds and thinking. To be honest I’m nothing inspirational, I’ve not had many choices, its me and them, or me alone, my hubby was happy to have the children, but I chose to be a single parent, alone. The choice was then town or country, flowers or accounting/office work – I vowed to choose flowers and rural. I’m of the kind of opinion that if you make your bed, you jolly well get on with it, sleeves up and on you go. I’ve taken chances I never would have, and any opportunity with flowers/ecology/etc I’ve had, I’ve taken. The journey has been scary and lonely (often) and rewarding for all of us. I don’t think I’m out of the ordinary, quite the reverse, I’m pretty normal, but I choice the path less trodden (I love that poem) and that for me has made all the difference (a career change, rural life, isolated from family and friends). Thank you for the post, its been very humbling. The only advice I’ve ever followed is follow your passion and your heart. That way, getting up, even when you feel like you can’t, is achievable. Follow your dreams………..at school I got told, girls like me don’t amount to much.(!) I don’t mind having little income and limited work on occasion, but to my family and hopefully my flowers I’ve made a bit of a difference. Bad careers advice for our children? I think not. I’ll never tolerate that kind of apathy again, for me or other folk. Cheri, you’re the inspiration!

Thank you Fay. And as for Cheery…….. well I will save her for another blog.