A Blatant Stealing of the A-Z of me Idea!

I spotted that Miss Magpie had stolen this idea and I loved the idea so thought I would steal it too. How about we keep it moving.? If you do steal it lets try adding a link to the blog that you found it on and then leave a comment on their blog to say that you stole the idea from them. Lets see if we can get a round robin going. 
OK here goes. 

A is for Age: well I bent over at the age of 22 to tie my shoe laces and when I stood up discovered I was 46
B is for Bed Size: Has to be a king size. The more room to spread out the better.
C is for Chore that you hate: Cleaning the oven.
D is for Dogs: What can I say, I love dogs, wouldn’t have gotten through some of my darkest days if it hadn’t been for the love of a dog.
E is for Essential start to your day: A cuddle from Max my Great Dane, a kiss from Coco my African Grey and a nice cup of tea. Oh and Chris Evans on radio to make me smile
F is for favourite colour: It changes from time to time but I always come back to blue
G is for Gold or silver: Silver for me. 
H is for height: 5ft 5 and 1/2. That half was very important to me when I was 16 and needed to be 5ft 5 to get into the Metropolitan Police Cadets. Despite being accepted I never did join
I is for instruments you play: This is a sore subject. I really love music and would love to play something but Mr Watson said that I couldnt even play a triangle. I am deeply envious of people who can play an instrument and seem to be the only person amongst a large group of friends who doesnt play. I have a friend who is a fantastic concert pianist Haruko Sekiand others who play in orchestras.I  I am often found hanging over the gallery railings at the Proms in the Royal Albert Hall watching the percussion section and longing to play that triangle.
J is for Job Title: PR and Liaison Manager Mid and West Wales
K is for kids: None of my own but 6 lovely nieces and nephews .
L is for live: In beautiful West Wales
M is for Mother’s name: Philomena – My Grandad was ill and used some kind of ointment named after St Philomena, along came my Mum so what did he do, thank St Philomena by naming her.
N is for Nicknames: Chez, Chesney, Mr Ed. My maiden name meant that people thought it was funny to call me after the talking horse off tv.
O is for: Operations:  when I managed to slice my foot and leg very badly resulting in being rushed to hospital and having emergency surgery. Anaesthetic reaction caused me to nearly die so resulted in a very long stay . And then there was the wisdom tooth episode but we wont go there
P is for pet peeves: Ignorance and Rudeness
Q is for quote from a movie: ~ There must be some easier way for me to get my wings.~ Clarence in Its a Wonderful Life
R is for right or left hand: I was left handed when I was younger but Mrs Higgins beat it out of me in primary school as she said it was the work of the devil. Yes I went to a catholic school.  Now I am right handed but I still knit lefthanded. She never saw me do that
S is for Siblings: two brothers and a sister
T is for time you wake up: 7am mostly (well if I havent woken at 3am and been up till 5 then gone back to bed)
U is for underwear: Fantasia but only during the sales
V is for vegetable you hate: None, I love all vegetables mind you I hate baked beans does that count?
W is for what makes you run late: Lingering too long in the forest on my early morning walk with Max
X is for X-rays you have had: Head and Foot. And I can confirm that I do have a bain!
Y is for yummy food that you make: Key Lime Pie is my signature dish
Z is for Zoo animal: I dont believe in Zoos. Mostly against them but I do understand the conservation research that needs to be done.