I have been neglecting my little blog of late. Truth is I was without internet for some time and so all of my ideas for blogs are in my little notebook. I doubt I will post them now as time has passed and I am not convinced they are really that relevant.
Time without the internet gave me chance to catch up with lots of other areas of my life that I have been neglecting. I have come to realise that there are lots of things that I love to do and those things give me peace of mind and sense of purpose. Neglecting them has had an impact on my emotional and mental health. So with that in mind I am going to continue including things in my life that I love to do. I may well blog about a few of them here too which might encourage me to keep up.
This week I have been poorly so had some time off from work. Yesterday cabin fever finally got to me and I was sick of the sight of my bed so I wrapped up warm and we went for a walk along the prom in Aberystwyth. Much to my amazement, the outdoor cafe was open. As the sun was about to set and the sea was so still we decided to take a seat and treat ourselves to a cup of tea and scone.
A little time reading Private Eye and a bit of people watching never goes amiss. The best thing, however, about this time of the evening at Aber prom is the amazing sight of the starlings coming in to roost under the pier. I do believe this is called a murmeration of starlings. As dusk approaches the gathering of starlings increases and the aerial ballets can only be watched with wonderment. This amazing sight can be seen across the UK in autumn and if you are ever lucky enough to witness it I am sure that you will be stunned.

I will never tire of a watching the sunset in Aberystwyth. Every day the colours change, the sky is vast here. Having spent so many years living in an industrial town I have to pinch myself about how lucky I am to live so close to the sea. A lifelong dream of mine was to live near the sea. To be honest I always imagined that it would be somewhere exotic, top of the list being Puerto Vallarta in Mexico but I can honestly say that Aberystwyth has as much, if not more to offer than all of the exotic places I have ever visited. I guess that I just need to get myself into gear and start to live here rather than just exist.

When I do finally leave Aberystwyth to head to Austria I hope to spend my last evening sitting on the prom and watching this wonderous site.