Joining in with Rhonda at Down to Earth with On my Mind

It is truly impossible to trample through the golden leaves that no longer crown the trees but lay crumpled on the forest floor without turning into that 5 year old child who couldn’t resist the urge to kick up great swathes into the air and walk slowly before leaping with both feet into the deepest puddles of crispy hollows. The golden twinkle as the sun creeps in through the, now bare, branches and glints off the carpeted floor competes, neigh beats, any red carpet laid out for royalty and celebrity steps. I imagine myself walking along the golden carpet towards a stage and addressing my audience. Oh well, we can all hold onto those dreams of being an accomplished ballerina or an olivier award winning actor.

I breathe in the smell of the damp soil on the well trodden, muddy footpaths, the bitter wind bites into my face and hands as I pull my hat over my ears and I hear the crunch of the leaves just off the paths as the squirrels darted around gathering the pine nuts ready for the winter. My thoughts turn to my good friend over at The Wind and the Wellies who is currently battening down the hatches in the far North of the country. I wonder how she is, how are her brood of chickens and is her peedie dog enjoying the wind as much as Max seems to be. I don’t need to wonder for long because I arrive home to check out her latest post.

Later I walk along the prom bracing myself against the wind as the waves crash over the barriers I dart sideways giggling and jumping to avoid the splashes. I laugh, along with other pedestrians who are doing the same thing. For the second time in the day I feel connected to my inner child and what a fantastic feeling that is. Fleeting moments like this need to be cherished. Then without warning the memory of my Uncle comes crashing in as strongly as the waves hitting the rocks. A memory linked to the waves which stops me in my tracks. A simple fishing trip to the North Wales Coast, a lovely sunny day, a storm blows up and in an instant he and his friends were all lost at sea. I remember why I am so afraid of the sea and what caused me to earn its respect. Yet, despite that fear and respect the sea is the place that I find fun, solace, peace, wonderment and gratitude for all that I have. The ocean provided me with the deepest sense of peace I expect to ever feel but maybe that is for another blog post. I wonder now how my Aunt is doing all these years later, how are my cousins , and what are they doing with their lives. Since my Mum died I have seen little, if anything of them. Links broken. Like the sea eroding the coastline, time erodes our lifetime, our connections and even our friendships, Suddenly I understand a quote I have written in my little notebook but I have no idea where it comes from, or who said it. Like so many quotes and notes in that book, I can neither remember when nor where I found it but I knew when I read it that, one day, it would have a purpose for me. I just found that purpose.

“Time is but wind that will erode us all into the great sand doons of forgotten nothingness”