My last couple of posts have been a bit deep, meaningful and rather indulgent so time to liven this place up. Taking inspiration from the lovely Jenni over at the great Cheerful Living Adventure I decided it was time for me to start celebrating my every day life in and around Aberystwyth. Apart from it being beautiful in the summer (just look at that lovely Victorian architecture) it is dramatic in the winter but more of that another time, today I want to talk Christmas Craft Fair.

Every year the Aberystwyth Arts Centre holds a Winter Craft and Gift Fair at which local crafts people can display and sell their goods from October to January.
The Arts Centre forms part of the local University and it is set high on the hill above the town. There are two really nice cafes there that I frequent, what is better than a cup of tea looking out over the Bay on a wild and blustery day?

Today there was a food fair on too, unfortunately the hall was too dark and my pictures didn’t quite work out but in this picture you can just see a little bag of organic flour sitting on the table. I am afraid to say that I spent a little too much in the food fair but I am looking forward to making some of my (not famous) homemade bread tomorrow with the flour that is milled locally to me. It is a new find for me and the lady was lovely. I will write more about that some other time

At this time of year the atmosphere changes from the earnestness of students sitting hunched over their laptops, frantically researching their topics, writing thesis and generally looking very intelligent to that of families,children running and shouting, parents nattering over a cuppa and, of course, christmas gift purchasing. It is a very pleasant place to while away an hour.

Gifts range from photographs taken locally through to handmade slate products also created in the local area.
I took quite a liking to this tea cosy it is quite pretty don’t you think?

and,if you take a look at the picture, just to the left of the shelf is the cutest little bag I have seen in a while, made from oilcloth little dogs prance around the flap and lined with gingham it is so very different from anything I have seen before, it could be a makeup bag but I would use it as a rather large pencil case I think. I wonder if my hints at how much I liked it will work for my birthday on Tuesday?

The smell of lavender from these little hearts was divine, and now I know where part of my last years Christmas present came from I might have to buy a couple more to add to it. My nose led me onwards to the next stand
handmade lotions and potions heightening my sense of smell, exciting my pleasure senses and pressing some very strong memory buttons. I love essential oils and their versatility. I must remember to find my Fragrant Pharmacy book by Valerie Worwood and get mixing again soon.
And just look …………. stripy socks! Hand knitted in Cardigan. Now there has to be some irony in that surely. I know a couple of people who might like these.
Stripes galore, although I found them to be a bit itchy they were made from 100% welsh wool which can only be a good thing.

Aberystwyth might not have all the latest fashions and the big retail stores that other places have but then I wouldn’t love living here so much if it did. Who needs Cath Kidston when you can get handmade in Wales, who needs the Sock Shop when these stripey socks can be picked up for a song.
Why not try out your local craft fair, you will be amazed what you find.
Oh, and here is another little thing to add to my birthday wishlist (just in case a certain somebody happens to read this)

Now, for those of you that know about my Austrian Adventure and even more, those of you that don’t head on over there and take a peak I am going to be telling you all about something exciting that is happening in my future home village this weekend. I might even include a little video for you too.