Here in England we know about Santa Claus, St Nicholas or Father Christmas and the fact that he brings cheer and happiness to children. The giving of gifts is so exciting for children but how many times as a child would you be warned that if you were not good then Father Christmas would not come. I know that I was often told that the Elves were watching me and that was enough to keep me on the straight and narrow, well, at least for the month of December.

So what if , as a child, you were told about the Krampus? I know that if I had known about the Krampus I would have been terrified, just the sight of them are enough to scare me to death.
What, I hear you ask, is a Krampus? Take a look at this…………

Are you scared by that? If not, how about I tell you a little more?
In Austria St Nicholas is often accompanied by this bad natured and wicked demon. Whilst St Nicholas rewards children with gifts and treats galor the Krampus will happily punish children who have been naughty.
In Unken The Krampus traditionally visit before St Nicholas, they roam the streets and terrorise the residents, they don’t mess about. They mean business. Tradition says that they will carry off the naughtiest children in their baskets to certain doom.
On Saturday night the Krampus will be parading the streets of Unken bringing trickery and fear to the residents. Anybody who is on the street needs to be aware that they are likely to become a victim.
This tradition is making a comeback across Austria and Hungary so I wonder……… how would you feel about being visited by the Krampus and would it have made you behave in the run up to Christmas?
Here is a little video for your……. erm, enjoyment.