This blog has evolved to something quite different from that which I intended. Originally I promised to share my endeavours at “upcycling” unloved furniture, sharing my attempts at learning new crafts and trying out new recipes whilst, in the meantime, showing you how I settled into my new life and home in West Wales.

Apologies because the blog has, in fact, become a random set of ramblings and introspection. Not sure how that happened but it does not mean that I cant get back to that point at some time in the future. In the meantime, I thank you for bearing with me.

So today I joined Kandipandi’s giveaway as she reaches her 400th follower. What an achievement. In the early days I used to read about Kandi’s crafts and, along with Bibbitybob and Hart I was inspired to follow suit and set up my own blog. They have gone on to great things whilst I still bumble around in the Welsh wilderness seeking inspiration and enlightement. Go take a look at Kandi’s blog. I promise it is truly inspiring and she has some fabulous makes that you can find some inspiration from too. Check out her button over on the left.
When you have visited her lovely blog I would be really grateful if you came back this way and help me to work out how I can recapture my initial enthusiasm and love of crafting. After all, I do live in Wales…….. the home of creative artists.