I dont know about anybody else but I seem to be having much trouble in my attempts to upload photos to the blog at the moment. Not only that but I am also having trouble leaving comments on all of your lovely blogs too. It has taken me at least 5 attempts each time I have tried to say something witty and wise (ok, indulge me I like to think that I am witty and wise)

I had intended to publish a couple of lovely long posts with lots of pictures about some local adventures I had this week while I have been on holiday. It would be much more interesting with pictures so I am abandoning my attempts (I have tried every day this week) and going off to find something more productive to do. Unfortunately that means housework.
My adventures have also diverted my attention from Christmas shopping which means that I am now in a panic about what to buy for people. I might just postpone it this year. After all, Mr is having to work away so it will be just me, Moo and Coco the parrot for Christmas Day this year! I was rather upset to discover this yesterday but …… having had time to reflect and put things into perspective (after all it is just one day) I have decided that this could be a good thing. I can pretend to be Bridget Jones and lie on the sofa eating chocolate, drinking wine and watching my two favourite Christmas movies It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street. I might even attempt to find a copy of Harvey and watch that too. So my Christmas Day is likely to be moved back to Boxing Day this year. Hey ho.

In the meantime, let me know how you all plan to celebrate this year. I know that some of you will also be spending this year alone. So how do you intend to make it a special Just for Me kind of a day?