Much excitement abounds in the Welsh household at the moment. Plans for next year are underway. The great escape to Austria is, hopefully on track and who knows, by this time next year I may be posting about my first Christmas in my new home.

In the meantime I needed to start making some plans for a patchwork lifestyle when I arrive in Austria. I have worked all of my adult life and I really cant see myself enjoying life without some kind of work but, at the same time, I feel the need to change down a gear or two. After all I need to learn to work to live not live to work as they say. Hard I know but I am trying to get there.
At the moment my days are filled with travel, meetings, presentations, planning, developing projects, but most of all daydreaming of the next year.
As part of my plans I have managed to secure myself a few weeks work with a ski company who bring schools to the Alps for skiing holidays. It isnt well paid, nor is it long term work but it is a start. When I left school I had big plans to go into the travel industry and work all over Europe doing exactly what I will be doing next year.
My work will bring me to Zell am See in February and then Bad Kleinkircheim at Easter. I will be heading to Birmingham in January for the training so that should be good.
I am really looking forward to the New Year and the chance to start planning for the big move. I am now following a blog of a man who lives in Lofer and blogs about all of the hikes that he goes on around the area and each time one of his posts land in my inbox I get a little flutter of butterflies in the tummy.
Hopefully I can start posting more on here as I have more news.
I was going to post some photos of my new home village Unken but blogger is playing up and I just spent an hour attempting to do it so maybe next time.