It has been quite a while since I updated my blog. Not sure that anybody will have missed me but just in case I thought that I should make an appearance.

I do love Sundays, they are my day for refreshing my soul. Today has been no exception. After a very long and somewhat long and difficult week I have spent the day pottering, decluttering and generally rejuvenating various bits of my life.
For quite some time now I have been struggling with my little blog, simple things like uploading a photograph has been so difficult – hence my long absences. This rallied me to do something that I have been thinking of for quite some time now. I have decided that this is the year for not only moving myself and my little family to Austria but in celebration of that I have decided to start a whole new blog. I intend to combine the three blogs that I have managed to acquire over there.
It will still have its lovely cosy snuggly feel (well for me at least) and I will be keeping my name but I hope to have much more motivation and more interesting posts as I start my adventures proper over the next few weeks. I do hope that you will all join me there. Please do I have loved hearing from you all.
Here is the place to head to if you want to find out more about my move to Austria, my new photography endeavours and of course my lovely and intrepid companion Max, or Mr Moo as he likes to be called these days.