FOR TODAY Outside my window…  there are hailstones the size of golf balls!The noise as they hit the window is incredible.
I am thinking…  too many thoughts.  So many ideas and plans for the future all running around like crazy I am thankful… for my notebooks and coloured gel pens to help me make sense of all those thoughts
In the kitchen… the breadmaker is tinging and the smell of vegetable hotpot in the slow cooker is making me feel very hungry
I am wearing…   butterfly clips in my hair to cheer me up. I am creating…  a new space in what is currently my office but will become a whole new place to be soon
I am going… to be leaving my current job in the next wee while and it is very exciting.
I am wondering…  how life will be once my routine of the last 4 years changes
I am reading…   How to do everything and be happy!
I am hoping…    that a couple of my friends find some peace of mind and a way to live happily
I am looking forward to…  taking a group of school children on a skiing trip to Bad KleinKircheim
I am learning……  to just be myself.
Around the house…  there is far too many things to do but organisation is the key
I am pondering…   the possibility of a new website purchase
A favorite quote for today…  Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.  Confucious
One of my favorite things…  sitting on the sofa with Max at my feet snoring gently and the radio playing in the background
A few plans for the rest of the week:  To be happy, to be kind to others and to live every moment.
A peek into my day…