Well, I have finally managed to sit down and put my fingers onto the keyboard to do a little update on how Max is getting on around Wales.

This week he has been out and about quite a lot as he has been lucky enough to have both of us at home. In other words he has had his poor legs walked off.  Some walks along the coastal path from Aberystwyth to Aberaeron were fun

Last night we headed off to the prom for our regular evening walk. Max particularly likes to splash in the waves and chase pebbles

There he was minding his own business when suddenly a shadow crossed the sand!. What could it be? He looked up at the sky and then over to me with a very puzzled look on his face. I only wish that I could have caught the expression, it was so funny

Is it a bird?

Is it two birds?

No I dont think so……………..

Oh would you look at that …………..

There are men on the end of those big kites !  And with that Max went back to checking out the beach and finding sticks to play with

We promise to try to keep up with our posts soon.