Don’t you find it funny that when you focus on something you suddenly notice all kinds of references to what you are thinking about all around you? 
Recently I have been thinking about places to visit and I am particularly interested in finding new and exciting experiences.  
Whilst reading  a forum about living in Austria  I cam across a post about a valley which fills up with water to a height of 8 metres when the snows melt I simply had to find out more. 
A beautiful You Tube clip was mentioned in the post so off I tootled to have a look see. 
Beautiful isn’t it? 
I  had to find out more so a little google search and I came up with the  article 
in the Mail on Line  which gave me a little more information. I do need to find out more but I was so excited that I thought that I should record my find here. 
And so this is one to add to my Must See list I think. I should also learn more about Styria so if any of you out there reading have any information, tips or advice about the area I would love to hear more.