It’s been a week of highs and lows. Not only has the weather been rather unpredictable but my body and mind have been a little temperamental too.

 Life is a rollercoaster and I am determined to learn to embrace the lows as well as the highs.

Monday – tea at the garden centre


Monday was a beautifully sunny day. Taking ourselves off to the garden centre for a browse seemed like a nice idea. I miss having a beautiful garden to potter in. Open gardens and garden centres are my substitute. And what’s not to be grateful for when you can sit on a balcony and sip earl grey whilst taking in this fantastic view. Meanwhile I can lose myself in my daydreams of a beautiful garden and plan how to achieve it.

Tuesday, wellies for the forest

I love the forest and walk there most days. Recently I have found myself dragging my feet around the circuit walk, head down and not noticing things around me. I started to dread the walk, I had no idea why this should be the case. On Tuesday I was pottering around the paths and decided to take some time out and sit on the bench. I lifted my wellied feet and stared at them and then it hit me. I have not taken a single walk in the forest this summer without them there wellies on. I looked over head at the thick green canopy and there was the answer. I feel oppressed here in the forest. There is little sunshine coming in, the paths are slip slidey mud constantly. Now whilst this is fun for some of the time, constant mud walking and living in wellies can become a chore.

Wednesday – no picnics here

Occasionally I take Moo over to another woods for a walk. This woods reminds me of a fairy glen. It is quite magical. Very unkempt. It is not managed by the forestry commission but is used by IBERS (part of Aberystwyth University) for some of their monitoring programmes. It feels like the kind of woods that I read about in an Enid Blyton novel. The stream meanders through gently and the trickle of the water with the birdsong all around leaves me feeling calm, refreshed and happy. However if I wanted to picnic I would be hard pushed to find a decent picnic bench this summer as they are all moss covered and overgrown with ferns.

Thursday – styles and hill walks

Another part of the village that I live in is the place that I go hunting for blackberries, I have to climb the style but Moo has found a little gap in the fence that he squeezes through. He rushes ahead of me and waits on the other side whilst I clamber over. Would you believe that I have been climbing this style for three whole years? Imagine my amusement then when, upon returning down the track on Thursday and just before I climbed back over the style, I spotted that chain to the left which had no padlock on and the gate could be opened. I have no idea how long the gate has had no padlock. Even though I opened the gate to go back through Moo still insisted on squeezing through the gap and waiting for me on the other side.

Friday – baking, vegan style

I have been vegetarian for several years now and I am always looking for new recipes. I recently happened upon a lovely blog with lots of Vegan recipes this orange cake comes from The Holy Cow and is the most moist, delightful cake I have eaten in a while. Really easy to make too. I will post about this another time.

Saturday, choices, choices

Finally, after three years of living in the house I am able to choose paints, furniture and textiles for the small bedroom. I have been using it for my home office but as I no longer need to store lots of equipment and paperwork I can change its use back to a guest room. I am very excited to be doing this as I love to decorate and design rooms. More on that in a later blog.

Sunday – taking flight.

What a way to end my week. A trip to my favourite beach. I am so lucky to have several beaches close to where I live. As the sun set on the day I watched the seagulls flocking in land. I hear that the forecast for tomorrow is heavy rain and high winds. That will be a typical Bank Holiday Monday then.