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I am a big fan of the hug. Hey, my blog name is Cwtsh Corner I must love hugs.

A hug can say a thousand words that just won’t do at that moment. A hug gives strength when somebody needs it, a hug comforts at a tough time, a hug brings happiness and shows a person that you love them. What’s not to love about a hug?

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I thought of this poem today because there is a special lady who I know, but have never had the pleasure of meeting yet,  who needs a hug today.  I can’t be there to give her the hug so I got to thinking about how to send a special hug over the etherical (I know its not a word but hey, poetic license and all that) so I googled the word hug and hit images. Wow, there are so many to choose from. I hope that she gets chance to read this poem I know that she reads my blog. So Nic, this is for you.

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“We all need two hugs a day for survival. We need four hugs for maintenance and six for growth. Hugging is healthy. It helps the body’s immune system, cures depression, reduces stress and helps us sleep. It’s invigorating, rejuvenating and has no unpleasant side effects. Why, it’s nothing less than a wonder drug!

Hugging is all natural. It’s organic, naturally sweet, with no artificial ingredients and good for your environment. A hug requires no batteries, little maintenance, is low on energy consumption but high on energy yield. Its inflation proof, non fattening and doesn’t cost a thing. You can give it away, but it can’t be stolen and it’s fully returnable”

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Let’s hear it for the hug!