I have been following Astra’s blog for a while now and I love her positivity and outlook on life.  I guess that she has lots to be happy about so I thought why not join in with her happiness revolution. Now that is the kind of revolting I like to partake of. Why not join in? Simply head over to Astra’s blog and grab the banner then link back to her blog. Simple. 

So I got to thinking about the 10 things that are making me happy this month. 

1. Herman is the best investment I have ever made. Its official. Finally getting the radio to work means that I can wind the windows down,turn on the radio sing a long and lose all my cares. We have had some lovely days out in places like Poppit Sands and Cuckoos Corner. Really they do exist I didn’t just make it up. 

2. Knowing that Max is enjoying his time away with his two best pals and being well looked after by a very special couple of people. Maja always keeps me updated via instagram and twitter so I feel as if I am right there with them. Thanks Maja.  

3. Trips to London to go to the Proms and see friends that we only see once a year. Drinks in the bar after the prom always promises some lovely animated conversations with people from all walks of life. 

4. The Olympics has to have been a rather unexpected pleasure for me. I always enjoy the Olympics but I am sorry to say that I had been carried along on the wave of negativity for a while. I did end up managing to enjoy it in the end. 

5. Being able to take some time away from the work environment and spend some quality time doing things that I enjoy. 

6. Drinking tea on the balcony  at Poppy’s in Newmans Garden Centre with a fantastic view to enjoy.  

7. Nearing home after a 2 hour journey and knowing when I get to this point that I am nearly there 


8. Nesting. I am happily returning my office to a guest bedroom. Choosing paint colours, curtains and carpets. Deciding which wardrobe to bring home from Ikea and going through boxes from my previous home to decide what to dress the room with. 

9. Reading. I love to read any kind of book. This month I have set time aside to read a lot more than I have been doing. Going to bed a little earlier so that I can curl up with the reading lamp on and get lost in a good yarn is a great way to wind down at the end of the day. 

10. The amount of money that I have raised so far for my tandem parachute jump, which is bound to make my September happiness lists. 

So, what makes you happy? Care to share?