I follow a lovely lady in blog land. She is quite cheerful and often makes me stop in my tracks and think about things that I am doing.

This weekend she posted the most wonderful blog entitled What I have. It occurred to me that we spend far too much time longing for what we don’t, won’t,can’t have and not enough time appreciating the things that we do have.

We spend far too much time bemoaning the things in our life that aren’t quite the way we would like them and not enough time working out how to turn that around.

No wonder there is a whole host of people out there that are unhappy. Until we learn to appreciate the small things in our life and to really make the most of what we do have then we will never be happy.

One of the things on my happiness list is to have a beautiful garden again. I spend so long moaning about the fact that my garden is a jungle and do I take the time to get out there and get it sorted? No! Why, because it overwhelms me. So that has to change and I have to look at it and see it for what it is. A beautiful space, a canvas to be repainted.

Thanks Jenni.