I woke early on Friday morning and felt the need to watch the sunrise. So I jumped out of bed, grabbed my camera, woke Mr Moose and headed off on our adventure. The best place to see the sunrise here is Plas Tan y Bwlch  where the river runs parallel to the beach before finally merging in the harbour.

Settling down on the grass by the river I watched as the sun crept above the hillside and sent beams across the river, the birds  skittering across the sand and I listened to the sound of the surf crashing onto the pebbled beach  behind me.

A little beach combing followed

A little sand art felt appropriate too

And the spontaneity didn’t end there.I remembered that it was a blue moon that day so I headed home, loaded up Herman and headed to the Cotswolds to follow the sun and hopefully see a sunset.

Unfortunately there was a lot of cloud cover in the Cotswolds on Friday night so I was unable to see the sunset. I did see a fantastic one the next night though.