I love to travel, I like arriving in a new place, dumping my bags and heading out to see what delights await me.  

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Like most women, I suspect, I always take too many clothes. The bag weighs me down on the journey from the station to the accommodation and then on the checkout day when I have a few hours to kill I have to find somewhere to leave my bags to save me hauling them all around. 

This latest trip to London was literally an overnight stay. I was, however staying with friends for a night each side of the trip making a total of four nights away from home. I decided to liberate myself and travel light. This was going to be a challenge for me. Inspired by a friend, Sally, whom I travelled to London with a few years ago I was determined to make everything fit into one bag. 

Here is what I took with me for a five day round trip. 

Overnight bag – similar to this one. 


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Toiletries – I could have left most of these at home and used the accommodations provisions but I do like Liz Earle products and this handy travel pack was perfect. I knew that the hostel that I was staying at provide body wash so I thought that I could use that as a shampoo if needs be. I left my hair straighteners and waxes at home. I did also pack a small creme foundation, one mascara and one lipgloss (used also for blusher). I don’t wear makeup most of the time nowadays but when going to the theatre I do like to make a little bit of an effort. 

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Clothes  I packed, 

  • 1 skirt 
  • 2 plain casual t-shirts (1 white, 1 beige)
  • 1 long sleeved t-shirt (beige) 
  • 1 dressy blouse 
  • underwear
  • Pyjamas


  • 1 small umberella 
  • 1 scarf
  • 1 pair of sunglasses


  • iphone 
  • earphones 

I travelled in  linen trousers, vest top and casual shirt and denim jacket. I was pleased that I took the umbrella because the heavens decided to open on the second day. At the railway station is a desk that sells second hand books and the contributions go to the local hospice so I usually pick one up to read on the train journey and then leave it there again on the way back. 

My bag was light enough to be able to carry with me for the whole of the trip, including lugging it around museums on day 2 and getting on and off buses and tubes. 

Travelling lightly really opened my eyes to the “issues” that I have about clothes, accessories and toiletries and how I believe that other people view me. 

I realised that whilst on holiday I never take notice of what other people are wearing. Nobody really cares about what I am wearing and whether I have had the same top on twice in one week. I feel liberated. 

So there we have it, I travelled light to London and still felt like I had made an effort. 

The travelling light also made me think about my wardrobe and how many unworn clothes I have. So I guess that will be my next project.