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I know a lot of people who say that they hate Sunday!WHAT? Are they mad? Sunday, the day to be free, the day for fun and frolicking, not a care in the world. Nowhere to be and nobody to please but me. “Why do they hate Sundays” I have asked and the answer is, invariably, “because it’s Monday tomorrow” Ah, that old chestnut. Why oh why can people not live in the moment? Enjoy the day for what it is? On Monday people say that they can’t wait for Friday. On Wednesday they say thank goodness its “hump” day, over the peak of the week and onwards to TFI Friday. Saturday Yipeee, Sunday…….. doldrums. Come on people GET A LIFE and stop wishing it away. 

 I wonder is some of this thinking engrained in their memory.Formed by their upbringing and the way that their parents and peers treated Sunday. 

As a kid, Sunday’s in my house were kind of magical. Or at least that is how I remember them. The day would start off with a trip to Church where I could sing at the top of my voice and nobody would ask me to be quiet (well, I had to find some reason to enjoy being forced to go). Back home and I would walk through the back door to the smell of bacon frying and salivate at the thought of the big doorstep white bread and butter with bacon that was heading my way (strange that now that I am vegetarian bacon is the one thing that I never miss). The sound of Elvis, Jim Reeves or Matt Munroe would be blasting from the steroegram in the corner, my Dad singing along. 

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Then off out to the fields to play. Is it my imagination or was it always sunny on Sundays? I remember the long grass and the smell of the flowers. On really sunny days I would hike to Pex Hill and pick blackberries (shame its all a housing estate now). 

Back home for a lovely Sunday lunch and then a film on the TV before heading off to the fields again with friends 

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After a long afternoon playing in the fields then it’s home again to enjoy a posh high tea and some more tv. Worzel Gummidge was a big favourite. 

Even as a teenager that magical feel of Sunday continued. Nice long lie in after a great Saturday night out. Visits to my Grandmother, walks with the dogs. All of the things that I chose to do and loved to do. 

Maybe it’s just me but when I allow myself to get caught up in the “wishing my life away” culture then I find myself depressed, unable to get anything done, unable to enjoy what I am doing and always looking for something better. Sunday’s for me will always be the day for stopping, taking stock of the week that has just gone and looking forward to the coming week. I try to keep Sunday’s free for doing things that I love to do. Taking the day as it comes and allowing myself the space to be spontaneous. 

I love Sundays and really find it hard to understand people who don’t like Sundays. 

So my top tips for a perfect Sunday (if you have to work Sunday then choose your day off to do this) 

  • have a lie in
  • try having breakfast in bed 
  • dont plan it in advance 
  • do what suits you 
  • play some loud music and sing at the top of your voice and dance
  • watch old films 

 How do you spend your Sunday?