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It is 6 am and the village is engulfed in darkness. A shroud of deafening silence is hanging on the air. In the distance the sky is lightening as the dawn moves over the valley. 

I am thinking that I should sit on this swing in the park at 6am more often. Welcoming the day in with silence and thoughtful moments is such a great way to build strength to face the day. 

In the kitchen the bread machine is baking my breakfast loaf and is waiting for me to arrive home and tip the contents of the pan onto the bread board. Fresh warm spicy fruity breakfast loaf slathered in butter a cup of steaming coffee is the most luxurious way to prepare for the day ahead. 

I am wearing my raincoat and wellies. The village has been battered by rain for the last 36 hours. The river is swollen and we are hoping that we don’t see the repeat of the floods that we had in June. Houses around the park have the sandbags out and cars have been moved to higher ground. Here is hoping that we don’t have another clean up operation any where soon. 

I am creating a whole new way of living. Conscious living is something that I have aspired to do for such a long time but, in reality, I get sidetracked too easily. I need to take a leaf out of Jenni’s blog over at Cheerful Living Adventure  and really start to think about how my life impacts on the world, environment, other people and my own emotions. 

I am going to spend today with my notebook, making plans for the next 6 months. What I need to do to move my life forward, budgeting, meal planning, putting my house in order. 

I am learning German in anticipation of my future life. I first learned German way back in school. Unfortunately my life didn’t follow the path I had imagined when I left school and so I have had little use of the knowledge. Brushing up my knowledge has been fun. Listening to German radio stations on my internet radio, watching Salzburg news on the internet in the evenings. Michel Thomas’ dulcet tones ringing in my ears as I drive along. Now though, it is time to take things a st aep forward and so German classes here I come. Not sure how wise I have been but I have signed up for the very beginners class. Well, if I am above that level I am sure that I can move up. 

Around the house we are moving through each room, decluttering, sanding, filling,painting, cleaning carpets. My Mum would have called this “nesting” but I call it “making a home”. I am ashamed to say that I have lived here for 3 years and not had the inclination or will to make it my home. I have been in a dark place but now I see the light. The first room is nearly there. Just a few more finishing touches and, for the first time in 3 years, we will have a room ready for visitors to enjoy. 

A favorite quote for today   “And when the future hinges on the next words that are said, Don’t let logic interfere, believe your heart instead”