well this wasn’t the actual day but you get the picture

Ok, ok, I know that I am mixing up my song titles but it is my blog so allow me some poetic licence please. 

So there I was, sitting outside Herman on a glorious Saturday morning all showered, fed, dressed, and raring to go when my phone rang. Certain it was going to be the fourth phone call of the morning to wish me good luck I answered in the breezy manner that belied my actual quivering self. 

It was a super, gloriously sunny day which, given the rain of the previous evening was just what the pilot ordered (well again I am using poetic licence there as, obviously, I have no idea what the pilot ordered) for a day and plane filled with excited first time adventurers. 

Yes folks, the day I had been waiting for since I was a teenager had finally arrived! Tandem parachute day. My registration fee was paid, my sponsorship had broken my target and I had even bought a tracksuit to wear. Now that was a first in itself. Me, wearing a tracksuit outside the house for something other than exercise, well a lady has standards don’t you know. 


No that is not meSource: skydivenorthwest.co.uk via cheri on Pinterest

We had arrived in the Lake District two days earlier. I had thought it would be fun to revisit the Lakes in Herman. It was only my second ever visit and I could not believe that I had passed this beautiful place on so many trips up to Scotland and never actually stopped. I think I have finally found the countryside that I dreamed of living in since I was a child. No wonder all those famous literary genius’ were so inspired to write such classics. The peace and beauty are food for my soul. 

Opting to stay at Haven Lakeland leisure park was a practical decison as it was right next door to the airfield. I wanted to be within striking distance of the field to reduce any stressful thoughts of Hermann going on strike on the day. Aside that we figured it would be a good place to wander out from. Oh and the £23 for 3 nights was a bargain too. However if I was to be in the Lakes for anything other than parachute jumps I probably wouldn’t opt to stay here again. The site is brilliant for families with leisure facilities galore but for anybody who embraces the whole being out in the countryside, where it goes dark at night,  ethos this is definitly not the place. I would describe it more akin to a suburb by the sea. The rows upon rows of static caravans draw you into the site towards the camping field in the middle. Quickly we realised that the plots were very close together and a little compact and too regimented for my liking. It had been raining for some time and the grass pitches were extremely muddy and waterlogged. Luckily we had brought our wellies so trips to the shower block were manageable, just. Thursday night seemed fine, we didn’t have neighbours on one side so I got to see the sunset over the horizon. By the time we arrived back on Friday the site was full and very noisy. With a group of people playing loud music well into the early hours just two vans away I was rather annoyed because I needed my sleep more than ever that night. 

On Friday we decided to take a little trip up to Eskdale and have a ride on the steam train. Whilst it was a grey day the rain stayed off for most of it and we had a rather lovely time tootling through the scenery. 

Unfortunately, for my other half, the steam engine wasn’t running that day so he didn’t get to indulge himself but we thoroughly enjoyed the ride through to Ravenglass and back 


A tad small for Max I think.

Max seemed to enjoy himself as he checked out the inside of the train on the way to Ravenglass and then settled to watch the scenery on the way back 


He was rather put out at being squashed in on the outward journey but rather pleased to get a whole carriage to himself on the way back. 


Erm, it’s a bit small.
So tired

Trusted dog that he is meant that he also found us a rather nice pub at the end of the line. Where, it transpired, the husband of the lady serving was an ex paratrooper who had recently completed a charity tandem sky dive as part of a record breaking attempt. He jumped with his 16 year old daughter and they were raising money for Pilgrim Bandits a charity similar to Help for Heroes. One which I hand’t heard of before but when reading about it felt totally inspired. This only served to get me more excited for the following day. Until now I had been calm, collected, detached even. 


Brook House Inn Eskdale. Great Pub

So, where was I? Oh yes,  there I was, sitting outside Herman on a glorious Saturday morning. The air so still, the sky so blue, wispy clouds frolicking in the sky. The birds singing as I hadn’t heard them sing for days and the sun shining(perfect for skydiving). Enjoying  my porridge with cranberries and almond milk I watched the plane take off from the airfield and begin to circle over head. Butterflies forming in my tummy as the excitement finally arrived. Today is the day, here I was sitting watching the plane that I would be alighting in just over two hours time only to exit it very shortly afterwards. I watched as the plane headed out over the site towards Morecambe Bay and settled down to wait for it to come back and then to see the first batch of skydivers falling gracefully through the air. Ten minutes later and I heard the engine, I looked up to the sky with baited breath and sweaty palms wondering how they might be feeling right now, butterflies swarming in my tummy now. I waited, and waited. Then the plane descended into the airfield next door. Nothing!  No jumpers! Maybe they hadn’t had any for the morning jump. That was it, that was the answer. I continued to eat my porridge, drink my tea and muse on the day ahead. Suddenly the ringing of the phone brought me back to earth with a bump and the realisation that I hadn’t actually been breathing……. “Hello”  “We are sorry to tell you that we have to cancel today’s jumps due to a technical fault with the plane. Unfortunately the mechanic is not working today or tomorrow so we cannot reschedule for tomorrow. Next available date is 3rd November!” And breathe. 


Gutted is an understatement. More so than the last time because I was within touching distance, I was togged up, I was with them (in spirit) on that flight out just a few minutes ago! Pah. 


Disappointment is a fickle thing. I soon got over it. Hey I was in the Lake District lets make the most of this beautiful day and head over to Keswick for a walk. So that is exactly what we did. 


OK I admit the walk was replaced with chips by the Lake in Ambleside. Being chased by a rather grumpy goose, I only wanted to take her photo! 



No photos here please

Wandering through the market in Keswick was rather interesting with Moo. Not much browsing more explaining what breed Moo was, how old he is, what he eats for breakfast and NO we don’t live in a big house and have a saddle. 

Although YES he does sometimes take me for a walk. Hence the new harness, which he seemed to rather like. I mean, he must because two minutes after I took this photo he introduced it to fox poo with a rather spectacular roll in the grass. Thanks Moo. 


Hmm, not quite dirty enough

So, still no plane but definitely trains, and automobiles. And the positive is, I get to go to the Lakes again and I still have that adrenaline rush to look forward to. 


Source: skydivenorthwest.co.uk via cheri on Pinterest

Hopefully I won’t end like this 


Source: skydivenorthwest.co.uk via cheri on Pinterest