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Outside my window Jack Frost has been hard at work painting patterns on the windo panes and coating the garden in a new gleaming white rug. Ok, so garden is probably an overstatement, more like a wild meadow right now.

I am thinking that the days are rushing by far too quickly. Dark mornings and dark evenings mean that my focus shifts from outdoor pursuits to cosy indoor evenings.

I am thankful that I have lots of tealights and oil burners to make the sitting room cosy , that my curtains are nicely lined. I would really love to be sitting in front of a log burner rather than an electric heater. Still we can’t have everything and so the flickering flames of the candles and oilburners can substitute for a log flame.

In the kitchen the dishes are washed, the kettle is bubbling to a crescendo of a whistle and my teapot is waiting patiently for the hot water to meet the Earl Grey teabag.

I am wearing a lovely cosy velour tracksuit. It is the new me, no more slobbing around in a fleece top and scruffy tracksuit. I am learning from my internet buddy over at SingleandUtterlyfabulous  who is so different from me but I aspire to be like her just a little bit.

I am creating a new routine,adding time to my day,  challenging myself to write more. To let myself flow with the pen and not edit myself. Who knows where it might lead but so far I am enjoying it.

I am going for a job interview later this week. It will be my first interview for some time and I feel quite excited but nervous all at the same time. It is for a job that is so far from anything I have ever done in my life. So different that my real life friends might be just a little shocked if I am lucky enough to get it. For me, I think it will be great fun. A way to meet new people, learn new things and test my strength and endurance.  I will tell more when I know more.

I am wondering if the snow will arrive soon. I hear that it has already arrived in some parts of the UK. As I live up in the hills in Mid Wales we usually get the snow early and it stays for quite a while. Time to raid my hat box. I do like a nice hat.

I am reading two books at the moment. The first is by my favourite author Cecelia Aherne and it is her latest novel 100 Names. The second was given to me by a friend and she warned me that it is quite moving. So far I have only read the first page but I think it is one that will need my complete focus. It is called Trafficked by Sophie Hayes and is the true story of a British girl who is forced into the Sex Trade in Britain.

I am hoping to be lucky second time around and manage to get some tickets to see Michael Buble in London next year. I try every time he comes to the UK. Last week tickets went on sale for 6 nights next year and I wasn’t able to get on line so missed out but luckily (for me hopefully) he has announced an extra three dates and tickets go on sale soon. Fingers crossed.  I love Michael’s voice, it is like melted chocolate. I have liked him since  I first heard him sing on the Michael Parkinson show and his albums were my go to music during a very difficult time in my life. His music makes me smile, cry, laugh and shiver at different times. Oh, and the fact that he is easy on the eye is rather nice too. For a long time he was my guilty pleasure as most of my friends liked pop music. Then one day I admitted to a work colleague that I liked him only to discover that he loved his music too. My colleague is a BIG music officianado and so that just proved to me, once and for all, I have good taste in music! Now, I am more comfortable in sharing my musical interests.

I am learning that when things don’t add up in my life then its time to start subtracting.    I have learned that it is ok for me to say that I don’t have the strength to deal with other people’s dramas, that I don’t want to be the one to pick up everybody elses baggage and sort it out. It is ok for me to be selfish and to retreat into my own world.  Most importantly I have learned that it is ok for me to allow myself time to wallow and to deal with grief and anxiety in my own way and in my own timescale. I don’t have to be strong for everybody else. I don’t have to be positive all of the time.  I have also learned that some internet friends can be my greatest support when I am feeling a little down. Thank you ladies, you know who you are.

I am pondering what to do for my birthday at the end of the month. What do I feel about getting older, where is my life taking me. And most importantly should I make that banana, vanilla icecream and maple syrup milk shake that I am craving?

One of my favorite things is the sound of Moo snoring gently at the top of the stairs as he recovers from another long walk in the forest and his little woofs as he dreams his dreams. I wonder what a dog dreams of and do they dream in colour.

A few plans for the rest of the week: writing, reading, cleaning, cooking and getting ready for exciting interviews and new life possibilities.

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