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When I moved to Wales I imagined my life to be very different from the actual reality that it has become. I imagined myself at WI meetings, baking, making jams and chutneys, foraging for food and creating beautiful recipes and craft projects, restoring furniture, reading, knitting, sewing. It would be wrong of me to say that I haven’t done at least some of those things but I haven’t done them to the extent that I would have liked. Life and Work just takes over sometimes. It would be true to say that I did far more of these things living in a big industrial town. Life in the country is good and  just different from living in a big town, no better, no worse. It took me leaving the town to realise that there are positives and negatives in both environments.

This pondering was brought on by a discussion elsewhere about, of all things, birds on a bird table. The discussion made me realise that I had never actually appreciated the sheer volume of birds that I had visit my garden when I lived in the middle of an industrial town. Nor had I ever appreciated the simple things that made my life good there.

Here I see far less variety of birds and I felt sad about that.  I thought about this on todays walk and I dont want to be sad about what I don’t have I want to appreciate what I do have in my life.

So today I took notice of things around me. Join me on my walk in the forest this morning.

Mushrooms growing on trees

discovered on my walk

Paths shrouded in golden leaves freshly fallen from the sleeping trees

A pallet of burnt oranges,lime greens and deepest reds, splashed on the landscape fighting the dreary grey November day

paved of gold

Lime Greens

Burnt Orange

deep redsAround the forest evidence of a summer that never quite arrived as benches groan under water and picnic tables hide beneath the undergrowth.

sodden benches provide no rest

I have much to be thankful for on my walks. Red Kites soar overhead, Geese make their way North on their migration, honking loudly and causing a commotion. Squirrels scurry along the forest floor gathering sweet chesnuts readying themselves for the winter. Robins flit between the trees waiting patiently for Mr Morgan to arrive with his pocket full of birdseed, and sheep watch over the fence as I make my way back to the car park. So much to appreciate.

And there are two essentials in my life for which I will always be grateful and never fail to appreciate.

trusted wellies

Snug in my coat.

What small things do you appreciate in your day?