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I admit it, I have been tagged. Yes, that’s right little old me tagged! Before you get all excited and your imagination runs away with you don’t fret. I haven’t been a naughty girl (well not in the way you may be thinking). I don’t have an ankle tag and I don’t have to report to the local station any time soon. Oh no, that ever so cunning Robyn has come up with a cunning plan to find out all the gossip on 11 bloggers. In fairness I think she was tagged first and so now its my turn.

Here are the rules:

  • every tagged person has to tell 11 things about themselves
  • answer the 11 questions from the person who tagged you
  • list 11 questions for the folk you are going to tag, and they should have fewer than 200 followers if possible
  • don’t back-tag

Blimey, I am not quite sure that I have 11 things that are that interesting to share. Well, 11 things that might be suitable for public consumption that is. Here goes, let me see

1) My earliest memory is being sat in the back of my Uncle’s car following a removal van as we moved from the countryside into a big town. My Grandad was taking over a pub although I didn’t know any of this at the time. The only thing that was important to me at that time was that my Pal Spot was in the back of that van up there in front. I remember asking my Uncle several times if Spot would be alright in that van all on his own. Was it not dark and would he be a bit scared. I was three years old.

2) When I was born I had a mop of black curly hair. My Mum loved it and let it grow and grow and wouldn’t let my Nan cut it for her. When I was five years old my Nan took me shopping and had all of my hair cut off at the hairdressers. That year when we visited Santa’s grotto my sister was told to pick her gift out of one basket and me the other. When we opened our gifts she had a knitting set and I had some plastic soldiers. I loved it. My Mum, however, was not impressed. As we lived with my Dad’s brother and his Dad we had a great game of Waterloo all day long. Not sure my sister ever learned to knit.

3) I used to dance like a princess. I went to ballet lessons until I was 15 years old, tiptoe and all. I love to dance, I get lost in the music. I dont dance enough these days. I still have my points and a pair of red ballet shoes to remember that I dreamed of being a prima ballerina once.

4) The first ever record that I bought was Danny Kaye’s Hans Kristian Anderson album. I adored Danny Kaye as a child I was 8 years old when I bought that album with my birthday money. My Grandad used to sing The Five Pennies song to us kids and we would sit in a row on the floor in front of him while he sang. Then he would give each of us a penny.

5)I once carried a life size lion costume in a black body bag through Oxford Street in London with a celebrity who shall remain nameless.  Nobody batted an eyelid and I just laughed all the time.

6) In 1998  I spent five nights on Ngamba Island in the middle of Lake Victoria Uganda. It had no running water, no toilet facilities, no lights, no heat. A hippo came on land in the night and was chased off by the armed guards (specifically there to chase hippos off) and it was inhabited by just 5 people and 14 chimps. I was there as part of a wish grant for Laura who was fighting for her life against terminal cancer and wanted to work with primates. Today Ngamba Island is a visitor attraction in order to raise funds to continue its work with orphaned chimpanzees. You can find out about it here and if you are ever there say hello to my favourite chimp Sunday for me please

7) Some people nickname me Monica after the character in Friends. I have no idea why!

8) I like order in my life. (see 7 above) and what’s wrong with my spice rack being in alphabetical order anyway.

9) I like to practice Tai Chi. It is a great way to be calm and centred and is also really good for fitness.

10) I am a qualified aromatherapist. I love the way my sense of smell improves when I practice more often

11) If I could be anybody or anything in the world I would be my dog Max. He is currently lying with his feet in the air whilst in a contorted position to lick his bum. Now, whilst I wouldn’t want to lick my bum (or anybody elses for that matter), I would love to be that supple again.

Robyn asked me

1) Marmite – yes or no?  I have never tasted marmite. I have a jar in the cupboard because I keep threatening to try it.

2) If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

On board this boat in the middle of the pacific ocean listening to whales singing.

with my good friend Alfredo who runs the best whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta

3) Dogs or cats? And why?  Dogs but I do love cats too. They are so different from each other.
4) What is, in your opinion, the best sort of cheese. Oh dear, that is too hard a question, its like asking me do I prefer George Clooney to John Bishop, I like each of them for different reasons, like a good cheese it depends what mood I am in as to what my favourite cheese is.
5) Streetfood or posh restaurant? Depends on the situation. I love food so I will eat anywhere – except for the celebrity jungle that is.
6) Who was your very first best friend, and how old were you? Christine and we were 4 years old. She is still the person that I would say is my best friend even though we rarely speak or see each other these days. We can just pick up where we left off. She was also there for me at some big moments in my life.
7) What is your idea of a perfect Sunday? Opening the sliding door on my campervan and looking out over a field full of sheep and rabbits, kettle whistling, table set for a scrummy breakfast and nothing to think about but sit and read a good book in the middle of nature.
8) How many different homes have you had in the course of your life? Which was your favourite, and why? Seven. That just came as a shock. In my mind I have had 3 and I guess that they are all equal favourite. The house that I grew up in and my Mum lived in until she died 4 years ago. My first house that belonged to me alone a little 2 up 2 down terraced that I furnished with hand me downs and then my last home before this one which was a  1930s semi and had stairs in the hall (my friends will know how why that sold it to me) and I had a beautiful garden. If I had to choose one of them it would be that one.
9) What size are your feet? 4. I was once told in a shoe shop that I had the kind of feet for modelling shoes. They are very thin. I struggle to get shoes that are a good fit.
10) What was your favourite childhood book? When I was quite young I loved Enid Blyton’s Far Away Tree, Mr Pinkwhistle and Mrs Pepperpot. My favourite novel was Flight of the Doves by Walter Macken but I think that was due to the teacher who read a chapter to us every day in the most exciting way. Because of Mrs Tate I love books.
11) If offered the biscuit tin – what would you ideally hope to find inside? If it is anything like the biscuit tins in my house then I would probably be looking for a plaster, a fuse or a pastry cutter. If offered the tin in somebody elses house then I would love to find a home made Hairy Bikers lemon and cardomom biscuit.

Now for the hardest part – who to tag? I dont know if these people read my blog but we will give it a go anyway as they are some of my favourites. If I havent tagged you then please play along anyway

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And my questions

1) Would you wear fur and if so, why?

2) If you had to rescue one thing from your house in a fire what would it be?

3) Snow or Sand

4) Robert Downey Jnr or David Beckham for looks,  Ben Stiller or  Jim Carey for laughs,  Robert Redford or Paul Newman for nostalgia, James Stewart or Carey Grant for class act, Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire for dance

5) In a restaurant would you choose a starter or a sweet. Or would you go for all three courses

6) If you could eat in any restaurant in the world which would it be and why

7) Christmas or Easter

8) Camping or Glamping

9) Country Girl or City Slicker

10) If you had a chicken what would you call her

11) What song do you want to be played at your funeral.