The first time I heard that quote I thought that somebody had read my mind. I have never been caught up in the commercialism that is Christmas. I do buy presents, I do give gifts and I do send letters. I don’t give gift tokens, I don’t buy just any old thing and I don’t send Christmas cards because somebody sent me one.

For me Christmas is about recognising the people in my life who have supported me and been there for me through the year. I like to put some thought into any gift I give and I do try to give something which is personal and means something to me about that person. It doesn’t always work. After all, the other person has to have the same ethos. I remember once making a perfume for a friend from roses collected around the neighbourhood, it didn’t go down well at all. Well it was a bit amateur but hey, I tried.

I like to give experiences as presents. Who says that you cant buy memories? I beg to differ. You can buy experiences which leads to memories. Better still providing the experience free of charge gives a much better memory.

One year I spent weeks writing 365 little notes about why I love my partner. I bought a big jar and made a label for the front that said “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” with instructions to read one per day. It worked, he loved it.

Unfortunately we couldn’t be together this year in our new home. His Mum was seriously ill and sadly passed away just before Christmas so he spent the day with his Family. Having lost my Dad at Christmas time too I understood completely his need to be there. Christmas is just one day. We can make any day as special as we want to. That doesn’t mean to say that I didn’t feel a tad sorry for myself. I admit to wobbling and spending the first couple of hours acting like a hippo and wallowing but then I pulled myself together and got on with the day.

I am not religiious but I like to celebrate Christmas for it’s original reasons, a celebration of the seasons, a way to brighten the dark winter days.

What better way to spend Christmas day in my new home than a walk on a new to us  beach with Mr Moo? IMG_3487 IMG_3493And I think he appreciated it as much as me.


And now I am looking forward to my friend visiting at the end of the week. We will have a few girly days before Mr arrives back for a couple of days. Then we will be travelling back North to wish a good farewell to his Mum at the start of the New Year.

So, how did you spend Christmas Day? Was it all you planned it to be? If not how did you turn it around and make it a day of peace, rest and relaxation? Or did you become a hippo for the day and wallow?