Outside my window… the wind whips at the towels on the whirlygig dryer, the branches of the tree are bowing under the strength of the gales and birds huddle deep into the hedges looking for shelter

I am thinking… of the year ahead. How differently my life looks now from just a few weeks ago.

I am thankful… for several friendships made on line. Those friendships helped to lead me to my new life. One very special lady led me to my new (temporary) home for which I will ever be grateful.

In the kitchen…fairy lights are twinkling in the glass cabinet, the windowsill is crying out for a new windowbox filled with herbs and cupboards are bare, waiting to be filled with the contents of several boxes.

I am wearing… stripey fluffy socks. I keep looking at them over the top of the laptop screen as my feet are propped onto a pouffe. They are, possibly, one of the most thoughtful Christmas presents I have received.

I am creating… a new life. A positive attitude and a change in mindset.

I am going… North to my old home town for a very sad event. We will be saying goodbye to my partner’s Mum.

I am wondering… how it is possible to be happy at such a sad time. Still, it is possible because, throughout the day, I have moments of sadness but overall a happiness that underlines my life today.

I am (re)readingPaul McGee’s SUMO. The book that gave me the motivation to change my life this year. I was lucky enough to hear Paul speak after I had read his book. He is the most inspirational person I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

I am hoping… that the rain stays away today so that I can get all of my washing dried in the strong winds.

I am looking forward to… meeting up with friends and family when I am North. Although sad about the circumstances that takes me there I do hope to have some time to smile too.

I am learning…..all about the place where I live. Lots of new walks, historical sites to visit and lots of coastline

Around the house… lie various boxes of home making things that I bought yesterday. Sofa, cushions, throws, cutlery, cooking utensils.

I am pondering… a new hairstyle. Do I stay with the ever more silver grey or a return to chocolate brown? A discussion I have with myself often. I need to decide as I will be visiting my old hairdressers on Thursday.

A favorite quote for today…  “From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity” Edvard Munch  I am not a believer in life after death in the “traditional” sense of believing. I do believe, however, that “as we come from dust so we return to the dust” This quote sums this up for me and seems rather apt at this time.

One of my favorite things… walking on a beach in the rain and wind. Blowing away all the cares and worries of the day.

A few plans for the rest of the week: inviting the New Year into my life quietly, plotting and planning the coming year, setting my goals, organising my diary to ensure that I have booked time with myself. Meeting up with friends and family.

A peek into my day

beach play