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After several weeks of feeling under the weather and, eventually, being diagnosed with tonsillitis last week I woke up this morning feeling quite perky. Penicillin is a wonderful thing no? Hurrah to Alexander Fleming and his wonderful discovery

A cup of tea, a slice of my homemade spiced bread, a pootle around the internet and a few tweets later I had a plan for the day.

Ta Dah!

Ta Dah!

A trip to Mistley and Manningtree and a walk along the river had been suggested so that is where I decided to head for. I love history and learning about the places that I visit and a quick google revealed links to Matthew Hopkins, Witch Catcher General and even Shakespeare and the Manningtree Ox


Driving into Manningtree to park the car we came across this chap running the gauntlet across the main road in.


Once we had parked up and wandered back along the road it became quite obvious where he was heading

IMG_3655There were hundreds of very tame swans everywhere and getting in amongst them was quite exciting. Although Moo preferred to take evasive action and headed in the opposite direction


A walk through to Mistley


and we came across the Mistley Towers which were very imposing.

IMG_3678Walking back towards Manningtree we stopped off to look over the wall  at Mistley Park Place an environmental and animal rescue place which houses over 2000 animals, some of which are up for rehoming I wasn’t allowed to go in for fear of bringing home a chicken or the lovely dogue de bordeaux Buba How cute is he?

IMG_3667I was edged out of the view so that I wouldn’t be tempted………..

Onwards and back into Manningtree it was time to stop off for lunch.


The Crown is a dog friendly pub and they even have a dog friendly menu


Max got the best welcome he has ever had in a pub. The landlady came out to greet him and plied him with many doggy treats. A bowl of water was delivered too whilst he was waiting for his Doggy Sausages @ £1 each. I think he was suitably impressed.

Then back out to the river where we walked off our lunch before heading home to flop in front of the tv.


I love sauntering through Sundays. What did you do to relax today?