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It would appear that I have been rather ignoring my blog of late.

In my defense I have been very busy settling into my new life in Essex (I promise to tell more about my adventures here soon) and commuting over 3 hours per day to London for my new job. The commute is interesting to say the least, my views consist of this mostly


but as the days grow longer I now have the pleasure of this view as my journey draws to an end

London Skyline

I am  lucky enough to, currently, be working right next to Regents Park so I get to have some lovely lunchtime walks. More on that in later posts but here is a sneak preview.


I am very fortunate to have met some truly wonderful women via an online forum and one of these lovely ladies came to my rescue when I had to make a fast move to start work in London. I needed somewhere that I could bring Max with me and she was more than happy to let me stay in her house whilst she is away in Scotland. I could never thank her enough.

Moving quickly meant that I arrived to the house with nothing more than a suitcase and my two parker knoll fireside chairs. With little furniture in the house I have found it difficult to settle properly. Not all a bad thing as I am only here temporarily.

A few wI love home making. I have come to realise that it is one of my most favourite things in the whole world and to  furnish my home on a budget,  finding bargains and making my home cosy gives me great satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

A few weeks ago I made a trip to Ikea to buy a new sofa. It came as a bit of a shock to me to have to drive for a whole hour to get to the nearest store. After all, I used to live just 15 minutes drive away from the first ever Ikea store to be opened in the UK. That was before I moved to Wales but then I never had a need to nip to Ikea when there, which was lucky as my nearest store was well over 3 hours drive away.

Never having to build my own sofa before  I have to say I was rather pleased with myself when I turned this


Into this


Max seemed to appreciate my hard work. Sshhh, dont tell Mr about us cwtching  on the sofa while watching Come Dine with Me.


And what better place to settle down on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea and the latest book from my favourite author.

Cecelia Aherne

Whilst browsing  facebook recently  I was introduced to Morena Artina who was having a giveaway of this lovely cushion.

I very rarely feel the need to spend a lot of money on something but this cushion was so beautiful that I really wanted to invest in it. After all, it is a limited edition and a real investment piece. So, rather than waiting to see if I won the give away I headed over to her ebay shop and purchased it. I did also try to bid on a few paintings but I was pipped at the post on those. I now eagerly wait the postman delivering this.

A wet and miserable day has turned into a lovely cosy day when I have appreciated being at home. My batteries are recharged ready for this weeks commuting.

When was the last time you really appreciated being home and simply sat and relaxed?